Hussian College

Founded in 1946, the HUSSIAN COLLEGE has developed a reputation for its exceptional Commercial Arts programs while continuing to grow and achieve professional recognition.

John Hussian, the school’s founder, was a respected and knowledgeable member of the art community and a lecturer at the historic Philadelphia Museum of Art, home to a collection considered to be among the most prestigious in the United States. At the end of World War II, civilians and returning veterans were searching for schools to help them build new lives and Hussian’s prominent position made it the choice of many.

Today, Hussian is furthering its history by inspiring creativity in art, in education, in professional endeavors, and in life through collegiate-level education. As we sit in the midst of rapid technological shifts around visual and media art, commercial artists have new opportunities to collaborate and innovate. Hussian’s expertise in delivering robust programs in Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Visual Communications along with its deep experience as a nationally accredited institution by ACCSC brings the highest standards of higher education.

Hussian’s endeavor to create a strategically beneficial relationship in the entertainment industry, yields the Los Angeles branch campus, the 21st-century innovation in higher education poised to lead the next generation of artists and content entrepreneurs.

Hussian College, Los Angeles is a branch campus of Hussian College, Philadelphia and offers BFA degree programs.