Tuition + Fees

How much does attending Hussian College In Studio Los Angeles cost? To answer that question accurately, you must take a look at your resources and preferences. Students can use the table below to estimate their total program cost but remember to adjust estimated categories like food, transportation and personal expense based on your needs.



$39,600 Undergraduate Programs (per Academic Year)

$5,116.67 Graduate Programs (per semester)

Estimated Books + Supplies* $345  Film + Digital Content Year One
$425 Acting Year One
$805 Contemporary Musical Theatre + Film Year One
$415 Commercial Dance Year One 

Estimated costs vary by year. Please visit p.46 of the General Catalog for a yearly breakdown.

Estimated Room + Board $13,600
Parking @ LACS $750 per semester (optional)
Estimated Transportation $875
Estimated Health Insurance** $950
Estimated Personal + Miscellaneous $1395


Student Fee
$250 per semester
School ID Replacement Fee  $25
Official Transcript Fee  $20
Add/Drop Fee $35 per class
Course Repeat Fee $333 per credit
Return Check Fee $35
Late Payment Fee 3% of outstanding balance

Tuition and fees are subject to change.

All Tuition and Fee notices are published in the General Catalog

* A 2.75% Credit Card Service Fee will be added for all credit card payments. (*This fee has been short-term waived due to Covid-19.)

** Health insurance is strongly recommended.