Before You Arrive

Going away to college is a big deal and very exciting chapter of your life where everything changes, everything is new and anything is possible. Stay on track to minimize stress and surprises by familiarizing yourself with everything on this list featuring top recommendations from our staff and faculty.. You should print all the available resource guides for new students on our downloads page and contact your assigned Admissions Advisor for anything you need help with at any time.

  1. Success starts now with best practices.  Hopefully the college application and admissions process was your first wakeup call that doing research, staying organized, keeping your word and meeting deadlines are a few of the best practices that will be cornerstones for a lifetime of success. If not, don’t worry—because you’ll get more opportunities to practice those skills before you arrive. To get you started, you can check out these useful resources:
  2. Organize yourself. Ask for help. Make lots of lists. Every journey is nothing but a series of single steps. Action steps. Start making lists and developing a clear action plan to prepare for and begin your new life at Hussian College (formerly Studio School). Useful resources:
  3. Create your packing list. Then delete most of it. Ask any one who has already gotten past their first year of college about what to pack and you will hear variations on the same theme: pack less, wait to buy, team up with roommates. The question is, will have the willpower and courage to heed their advice? Useful resources:
  4. Remember you are moving to California.  Sunshine is the norm year round in what is basically considered a Mediterranean climate. But the most important thing to know about living in Los Angeles is that there can be a 20°F difference between Santa Monica Beach and Hollywood. The ocean, desert, beach and mountains are yours on the weekends. Your week days and evenings will be spend in motion between home and the studio lot at different times of day and many types of classroom environments. Comfortable shoes, practical clothing, and layers are your friends. Layers, layers, layers. Useful resources:
  5. Make housing arrangements. The great thing about Los Angeles—and it’s sprawling neighborhoods that make up this urban melting pot—is that there are housing options for every personality, budget and desired means of transportation. Start the process as soon as you can and reach out to our Student Services or the Admissions Department with questions. Useful resources:
  6. Contact your roommate(s). Life, relationships and powerful communication are built one conversation at a time. Whether you are interviewing possible roomies or locking down the details of who will bring the toaster or the television—start the dialogue as soon as you can to set up winning solutions. Useful resources:
  7. Know your financial situation. Make a budget that you can actually live on. And keep. Everyone’s situation is unique and your quality of life and academic success will be impacted by these factors. You should have a clear understanding of your finances and responsibilities before, during and after graduation so that you can get the most out of your time at Hussian College LA Campus. Useful resources:
  8. Take full advantage of student orientation. Your first three days of “school” are designed as a crash course in campus life and student services with a festive dose of collaborative activities. Jump in. Play. Don’t worry about getting it right. Just let everything be wonderfully new.
  9. Have a plan to stay connected back home. Yes, you are chomping at the bit to break free. Yes, you can’t wait to escape Dullsville, USA and prove your academic genius. And yes, you will have moments where you remember home and pine for all that you found comforting there including your family and friends. Have a connection plan and reach out often. Useful resources:
  10. Thank your parents. When they write the movie of your life, there will be a pivotal scene that will be most remembered over all the others. It may appear early to set up a life full of adventure and surprising twists. Or it may come late in film with a suprising reveal to bring full circle impact of all-the-things-you never-knew. However the story is told, always show gratitude to the people who stand for you. Useful resources: