Guido Santi

Guido Santi photo

Guido Santi started his career writing and directing short films. He worked as an apprentice for four years with Ipotesi Cinema, a film laboratory coordinated by Cannes and Venice award-winning director Ermanno Olmi (The Tree of the Wooden Clogs). He wrote and directed Concertino, a film about four teenagers living in the suburbs of Rome, for RAI, Italy's national television. After receiving his Master’s degree in Film Production at USC, Guido has worked producing and directing documentaries and TV specials. Most recently, he produced and directed the award winning documentaries Chris and Don: A love Story, and Monk with a Camera, both films were released theatrically in US and are available on the Sundance and IFC channels. He lives in Los Angeles where he co-founded with his partner, Tina Mascara, Asphalt Stars Productions.

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