Campus Life

The Hollywood + Los Angeles Lifestyle

Los Angeles survives on that which is unpredictable. The unexpected courses through its very veins. —Ellie Kemper

Los Angeles and Hollywood. The land of red carpet divas duking it out over a designer dress.  The city filled with vegan hippies rallying against the big oil companies. Gym rats with skinny lattes in hand wearing, well, almost nothing. Think again.

The Los Angeles and Hollywood lifestyle has its moments of glamor and grand affairs, but it’s the entertainment capital of the world filled with hard-working people from around the world. The diversity alone with almost 4 million people in a sprawling metropolis provides limitless possibilities and lifestyles.

You will experience all of it from the glitz and glamor of entertainment to the grit and grunge of classic Hollywood. Your first experience of the Los Angeles & Hollywood lifestyle will be that of “Outstanding Student” at Hussian College (formerly Studio School).

Student Services

Hussian College LA Campus takes a holistic approach towards developing the full potential of each student and learning doesn't just happen in the classroom. Our job is to enrich the lives of our students and support a lifetime of achievement by fostering personal/professional best practices, facilitating collaborative experiences, empowering creative expressions and supporting our students in their needs.

We start as soon as you arrive with three full days immersed in informational tours, workshops, mixer events and faculty advisement. These are all part of The Hussian College First Year Experience which continues throughout the semester with breakout sessions and weekend workshops. A complete list of offerings is presented on your first day but some highlights include:

  • Goal Setting Workshop
  • Organizing Your Life
  • Alchohol Awareness
  • The Green Initiative
  • One-On-One with your Faculty Advisement
  • Financial Literacy & Student Loan Integrity
  • Paying Back Your Student Loans
  • Computer Lab
  • Safety Overview & Emergency Protocols
  • Best Practices for School & Life
  • Library Tour and Research Workshop
  • Nutrition & Wellness