Directions + Parking

Guest parking for tours, prospective students and their families can be arranged by contacting us prior to your visit. Parking for full-time students is available for $750 per semester through Student Services and requires proof of insurance and all California DMV requirements. We want to spend a lifetime celebrating the future accomplishments of our students and request that everyone—including our staff and faculty—sign the Hussian College (formerly Studio School) It Can Wait pledge to not text and drive.

If you are planning to have a car, you can do so according to the California DMV rules and policies for reciprocity & nonresidents privileges. Be sure to build some parking violation funds into your semester budget — fines are inevitable and average $70 for a parking violation and most traffic violations start around $200. Roll through or miss a stoplight? Over $400. Learn the rules. Follow the rules.

Domestic Out-of-state + International Students

Any student who isn’t a resident of California and will operate nonresident vehicles with the use of out-of-state license plates in California can do so according to these guidelines:

  • A nonresident student aged 23 or younger operating a nonresident vehicle that displays valid registration/plates in the student’s home state is exempt from California registration.
  • The nonresident student may possess a California driver license or operate on a valid driver license from his/her state.
    • If the nonresident student applies for California registration, all requirements for California registration are applicable.
  • Nonresident students 24 years of age and older are not exempt from California registration requirements, and any vehicle operated by the student must be registered in California.
    • All California emission and registration requirements must be satisfied.

International Students

When you apply for an original California driver license/Identification (DL/ID) card, you must present:

  • An acceptable birth date/legal presence (BD/LP) DOCUMENTS.
  • An acceptable true full name document if the name of your BD/LP document is different from the name on your DL/ID card application.
  • Your social security number (SSN). It will be verified with the Social Security Administration (SSA) while you are in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office. You must also provide verification of your SSN to change an existing SSN on DMV’s database.

All students planning on owning and operating a vehicle while at Hussian College LA Campus should contact their local DMV (or equivalent) as well as the California DMV prior to arrival in Los Angeles so that all required documentation, deadlines and requirements are clearly understood and prepared for in advance including additional car-related expenses: gas, parking, fines, insurance, and general maintenance.