Academic Honesty

All work, whether written or oral, submitted or presented by students at Studio School as part of course assignments or requirements or for Studio School sponsored extracurricular activities must be the original work of the student unless otherwise expressly permitted by the instructor. Any use of the specific thoughts, ideas, writings or phrasings of another person (whether that person be a student, an acquaintance, a relative, a journalist, a recognized scholar or any other individual) must be accompanied in each instance of use by some form of attribution to the source.

It is prohibited to provide or receive unauthorized assistance in the taking of examinations, tests, or quizzes or in the preparation of any other performance requirements of a course. Such restrictions shall include, but not be limited to, the following practices or activities: the use of any unauthorized material in the taking of an examination, test or quiz or in the preparation of course program or degree work; the solicitation or use of a proxy test taker or the taking of a text, examination or quiz or the preparation or presentation of a course, program or degree assignment or requirement on behalf of another; obtaining or providing assistance to another person or group of persons without the instructor’s express prior permission during an examination, test or quiz; the submission or presentation of a falsified excuse for an absence from a course requirement, examination, test or quiz either directly or through another source; and, the presentation of false identification or credentials in order to gain admission to a course, examination, test or quiz, degree program, or Studio School sponsored activity.