Discipline + Dismissal Policy (Conduct)

In addition to unsatisfactory grades, non-payment of tuition and fees, and academic dishonesty, a student may be subjected to school imposed disciplinary action including, but not limited to, suspension or expulsion for violation of any school policy, rule, regulation or procedure. Improper student conduct may be referred to proper law enforcement officials and could result in civil and criminal legal judgments, penalties, fines, or other serious legal consequences.

Procedure for Student Discipline
The following Disciplinary Procedure is designed to preserve the Mission of Studio School and the health and safety of its students. This policy outlines the basic structure of the Procedure for Student Discipline. The administration reserves the right to define the severity of any violation and to choose the appropriate consequences.

For serious violations, students may be suspended or even expelled. The Dean of Academic Affairs and Dean of Student Services shall act in their reasonable discretion to assess any violation and initiate appropriate consequences. The Dean of Academic Affairs and the Dean of Student Services may seek counsel and advice of the Director of the school at any time. The Director of School may choose to effect any disciplinary decision directly at his discretion—including immediate removal of any student in appropriate circumstances. If an urgent issue should arise, any member of the administration shall act at their discretion and take any temporary or immediate measures necessary to remediate the urgency of the matter.

Notification of Student Violation
Notification of Student Violations are typically—but not exclusively—generated by building security (private contractor), public safety officials and other staff or students. Reports shall be delivered to the Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean of Student Services. The Dean of Academic Affairs or Dean of Student Services will notify a student of the violation report and provide written details of the violation and its consequences. Copies of disciplinary documents are typically provided to appropriate school administrators with a legitimate educational interest in reviewing such material.

Appeal Process
Each student subject to disciplinary action may formally appeal that action by submitting a written appeal to the Dean of Academic Affairs in all cases and must present new evidence. The Dean of Academic Affairs, at his/her discretion, may require the student to submit other materials in addition to or in place of the aforementioned appeal form. Upon receipt of an appeal, the Dean of

Academic Affairs will oversee a background investigation of the violation in question. The Dean of Academic Affairs will notify the student of the administrative decision on the appeal. In instances of suspension  or expulsion, the student may file an appeal with the President of the school within five business days of receiving notice of such suspension or expulsion.

Suspension and Expulsion
Suspension means the student will be temporarily removed as a student from Studio School. The length of suspension shall be determined by the President of the school and can depend upon the number of violations committed, severity of the violation, or other aggravating circumstances. Expulsion means the student will be removed permanently as a student from Relativity School and his/her matriculation is terminated. The school reserves the right to deny readmission for cause to any student.