Financing Options

The choice to pursue higher-education is a major investment in your future. We also know that that college decision process for students—and their families— requires a clear understanding of your current resources, available financial aid and financing options. No college can be all things to everyone, and we will support you and your family in making the best decision before,
during and after the application process including Financial Wellness & Student Loan Management, a required workshop for all incoming Freshman to successfully manage their finances while at Hussian College and beyond.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to find the best path to your goals that takes into account many factors: culture, academics, location, size, cost, student life and professional opportunities. The terminology and complexity of financial aid can vary from school to school, but everything can be evaluated with 3 simple distinctions:

  • Institutional aid vs. federal, state and private sector financial aid
  • Scholarships + grants vs. loans, incentives and
  • Available financing options for domestic students vs. international students

Once you have been assigned to your personal Admissions Associate, you can ask about the options we have to financially assist you in attending Hussian College. We are committed to helping you achieve your goals responsibly with institutional transparency and integrity.