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Great news! In-Person tours of our campus at LA Center Studios are available now.

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What is Hussian College?

Great question! Hussian College LA Campus is a four-year performing arts college located at Los Angeles Center Studios, a working movie studio lot in Downtown Los Angeles.

Our Associate Dean of Performing and Entertainment Arts is Jeremy Kent Jackson. Jeremy has had an amazing career, starring in countless productions, films, commercials and video games, and was a series regular on the Disney television show Lab Rats.

Here are a few words from Jeremy on what it means to be an artist and how we are industry at HCLA:

The Programs

Hussian College offers Bachelor of Fine Art degrees in four programs and a Masters of Science degree. These include:

Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • Commercial Dance
  • Film + Digital Content
  • Acting
  • Contemporary Musical Theatre +Film

Masters of Science

  • UX Design

The Campus

It's true, Hussian College's LA campus is truly located on a working movie studio lot. Our campus is situated among professional film and television productions that shoot daily. It's a one-of-a-kind academic experience. Here's a glimpse of LACS:

Being on a film lot has its benefits. Our students are surrounded by professionalism, both on the studio and in the classrooms. Another great perk, because of our partnership with LACS, students are able to use many of the permanent sets found throughout the studio for their projects. Here are some examples:

  • Morgue
  • Police Station
  • Jails
  • Hospital
  • Closed Street
  • Park

Additionally the Hussian College LA Campus is equipped with:

  • ADR Recording Booth
  • Editing Bays
  • Vaulted tap studio
  • Aerial Silk ready dance studio
  • RS1 Soundstage

Take a 3D tour of the Main Camups:

Take a 3D tour of our Jail set:

Take a 3D tour of our Morgue set:

Take a 3D tour of the 6th Floor:

Take a 3D tour of the 10th Floor:

Check out our campus map:

Not bad, right? Okay, now to the really important part...

Why us?

Hussian College (formerly Studio School) has a long history rooted in arts education. Check out this video featuring our program chairs, with a description of Hussian College's philosophy, and a quick look at some of the campus spaces and activities.

How to apply!

The application for Hussian College is an online creative portfolio -- which makes it fun! Next we'd like to introduce you to how the application process works:

You can find a link to our application below, and a link to request information from admissions. You may also call the Admission Department at: 800.762.1993.

Take your first step and apply today:

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One last thing -- Be sure to keep in touch...

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